Paving the way for emerging IT talent

by Katherine

With news of a million young people currently seeking employment in the UK, it is easy to see why many students and recent graduates may be apprehensive when it comes to their career options. However, Aberdeen-based IT company, Codify, is encouraging business not to overlook emerging talent and what they can bring to the table.

Mark Griffiths, Managing Director at Codify, specialists in delivering software solutions to the energy industry, commented:

“Six of our employees came to us as graduates fresh out of university which is around a third of Codify’s total staff. One of those made an impression when they completed their university placement with us and we were more than happy to get them back in.

“We are committed to encouraging people at all levels to get into IT and this attitude has served us extremely well as we have attracted high calibre individuals who have made an impact. With the current employment situation it is vital that we do not overlook bright prospects who often have the determination and drive that we need more of within the IT industry.”

For the past two years, Codify has participated in Aberdeenshire Council’s work experience programme, taking at least one school pupil per year for a week long placement. This is set to continue next year.

Mark added:

“Many organisations dismiss work experience students because it takes up vital time and resources but Codify is passionate about encouraging young people down an exciting and varied career path.”

Toni Murray, 17, completed her work experience placement at Codify earlier this year and it had a direct influence on her subsequent university course choices.

She said:

“Just a week at Codify really opened up my eyes to all the different options I would have if I was to choose a career in computing.

“My assigned role was Junior Software Developer which was very interesting and diverse. I enjoyed it so much that I am now studying Computer Science at RGU.”

Codify is also currently working with ScotlandIS, taking part in e-Placement Scotland - an industry-backed programme to boost the participation of students in industry placements. The firm often welcomes university students for their summer or annual placements. Ben Owen, 20, studies Computer Science at RGU and is half way through his year long placement at Codify.

As a Software Developer, his role is to assist clients when they encounter any problems with software systems, in addition to development work. He commented:

“Codify is increasing my experience in programming and problem solving, but equally it is allowing me to experience customer relations and being part of a busy development team - aspects I wouldn’t have been exposed to if it hadn’t been for my placement.

“It is great to work with a company that really values my contribution and the stage I am at in my career.”

Graeme Humphrey, Codify’s Operations Director, is part of RGU’s School of Computing Industrial Advisory Group which helps shape courses for the future, ensuring students are taught real-world knowledge that will be utilised when they begin working.

He said:

“Taking on university placement students is an opportunity to support the local universities and give students the real world experience they crave, and ultimately need to progress and appear attractive to prospective employers upon graduating.

“When we take on graduates, it’s all about moulding them into a ‘Codifier’ - someone who is professional, highly competent and always ahead of the game.”

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