Aberdeen's codify reaches £1 Million new contracts milestone

Codify, the Aberdeen-based custom software specialist, has reached a £1 million new contracts milestone for the 2012-2013 financial year with further deals in the pipeline.

The company’s expertise in utilising the latest Microsoft technologies to build secure database software systems is increasingly in demand by companies needing rich and intuitive user interface solutions.

Early on in its commercial life Codify caught the eye of the oil and gas industry. Managing Director Graeme Humphrey explains:

“Thirteen years on we’re proud to say that our software is used in companies of all sizes from small local businesses to global corporations like Talisman, TAQA and AGR seeking a variety of custom built line-of-business applications.

“It’s our prime location and experience that has allowed us to gain a high level of knowledge about the energy industry. A Codify strength is our ability to build software that meet the unique needs of each client. We help them to envisage exactly what they require and then construct the solution accordingly. We then back up our work with an effective support team that is easily accessible to clients.”

“Codify’s contract wins are a testament to our ability to deliver software that is right for companies across the energy industry and beyond.”

Graeme adds.

One latest key on-going contract involves Talisman Sinopec Energy UK. Codify has developed a central database application called the Opportunity Inventory System that enables Talisman Sinopec Energy UK operatives to view, manage and analyse opportunities related to type, field, maturity and economic and production values.

The system includes Microsoft’s PivotViewer control that provides what Graeme describes as an “intuitive, interactive and visual tool” for further analysing opportunities. Traffic light colours are used to provide “at a glance” patterns and trends. This enables the company to help determine how opportunities are performing with respect to various criteria including production, reserves and incremental costs.

Another client is AGR Group, the global services and technology company specialising in oil and gas industry solutions. AGR invited Codify to take over the development of its software application P1 used to analyse and manage the risks and opportunities encountered during the construction of wells.

Codify completed a technical re-write, redeveloped the engine behind the software and added a number of new features including a Monte-Carlo engine that increased simulation speeds 100 fold. Chris Ferrier, Director of AGR PSS, says

“P1 has been used by over 30 oil and gas companies worldwide.

“The re-write has resulted in a more stable system that is fast, self-contained and can be used on different platforms. The software is solid, engineers like using it and it is becoming the standard tool in the workplace. Codify has played a vital part in achieving that,”

he adds.

Another client R2S (Return To Scene) comprises of three divisions working in the oil and gas industry, maritime and commercial sectors. Their software produces high quality 360 degree spherical images to create a walk-through environment for the user to allow a quick assessment of an area or equipment.

Such was Codify’s impact in supporting R2S by stabilising its software that their collaboration enabled this client to make the all-important step into oil and gas. Managing Director Brian Dillon says:

“Meeting Codify was a breath of fresh air. You need luck in business and meeting Codify and their competent team was certainly a major stroke of luck as far as R2S is concerned.”

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