Why bother with an industrial placement

by Graeme

It is a difficult decision for you to make when you are already devoting 4 years of your life to undergraduate study. Why extend that time commitment for another year by doing an industrial placement?

You should. And here’s four reasons why.

  1. You will gain invaluable business skills during your placement. Your degree will provide you with the fundamental technical skills for your job, but it’s nigh on impossible for an academic institution to replicate a business environment. That’s where your placement comes in. You will be exposed to real customers who will depend on you. You will get the opportunity to polish your communication skills, whether it’s picking up the phone or delivering a presentation to the Managing Director or a customer.
  2. Undertaking an industrial placement will make you more attractive to potential employers. Students who have undertaken a placement have invaluable skills and experience, something you cannot get solely from an academic degree. Anything that gives you the edge over the competition is a good thing in this competitive economy.
  3. You will get to meet some really interesting people - both colleagues and customers. You will make new friends and extend your professional network.
  4. At Codify, we have seen first-hand the positive changes in students during their placement. By the end of their placement, they have not only attained additional skills but their confidence has grown tremendously.

Hopefully all of the above benefits will help sway your decision towards undertaking an industrial placement. If you are still not convinced, why not read the following posts about the placement experiences of Ben, Andrea, Jack and Luke.

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