by Fiona

Saturday saw Team Codify flexing our muscles and pitting our wits against each other at Lochter for our yearly team building day.

Starting bright and early on a beautiful, dry Saturday we all headed to Lochter activity centre for a morning of archery, climbing, 4x4 blindfolded driving and karting, and in the afternoon we feasted on a delicious BBQ.

After splitting into two teams, team 1 took to the climbing wall and team 2 headed to the field archery.

Needless to say a few arrows went awry but thankfully there were only injuries to pride and quite a few “I did better in practice”s when counting the scores. Graeme topped the board on the archery getting 31 out of a possible 48.


Over on the climbing wall, Mikko, proved that it was possible to leap up the wall. There were quite a few head-to-head races but Mikko and Ants was foiled by the instructor and the restrictive belay.


Next it was over to the 4x4 blindfolded driving and karting. Splitting into twos for the blindfolded driving, one navigator and one driver with a blacked-out ski mask, traversed a course of blue barrels. There were a few faults caused by touching or knocking over barrels, or missing sections entirely, and if you missed one you had to replace it very exactly back where it was. We had a harsh instructor. Despite that Steven and Mark managed to score an impressive 2 minutes 10 seconds each, but it didn’t come close to the course record of 34 seconds!


As always the karting was a big hit and thankfully no one got black flagged for bad behaviour. Mark beat everyone with an exceptional time of 3 minutes 34 seconds for the time trial.

A few unknown competitive streaks came out, and obviously there were the usual rivalries.

After a strenuous morning of activities we all relaxed and enjoyed the BBQ, and awaited the scores.

The overall team winner was team 1, and needless to say all the individual winners Graeme in 3rd, Steven in 2nd and Tom in 1st place, came from that team.

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