The Aurelia CLI webpack update, and are we near a serverless future?

by Mark

Our blog post roundup from last month was well received - so here are our highlights from August.

Announcing .NET Core 2.0

We’ve already used .NET Core 1.x in production so we’re really excited about this release. It is also worth noting that .NET Standard 2.0 was finalised during August. It is huge (32k APIs)!

It’s all going to be serverless - the question is “When?”

An excellent article describing why and how serverless is coming, and why we’re not there yet. The term “serverless” can be confusing so this article helps clear this up “being serverless is always a level-of-service abstraction, an illusion created for your benefit”.

Aurelia CLI Webpack Update

Webpack 3 is now supported by the Aurelia CLI! We talk about Aurelia a lot, but that is because it is such a clean framework that we’ve built several apps with. Now it supports Webpack in addition to RequireJS and SystemJS.

Bootstrap 4 Beta

Kudos to this blog post for linking to a video of ELO’s Mr Blue Sky. It has taken two long years to get to beta but here it is. As the blog put it “shipping a beta means we’re done breaking all your stuff until our next major version”. Nice work by the Bootstrap team.

A Preview of C# 8 with Mads Torgersen

This one is more of a vlog but well worth the watch. Could the new nullable reference type features help fix the “billion dollar mistake”? This repo was also mentioned. It is great to see the direction of C# being debated, documented and planned in the open.

Hope you enjoy! Let us know if there are any technical posts that you’ve enjoyed recently too!

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