Why join Codify?

by Kim

Here at Codify we have big plans for 2021 and will be growing our team.

We believe this is a great place to work – but how do we get this across well to potential new recruits? What better way than to ask the team?

And that’s exactly what we did, asking colleagues what they’d say to encourage someone to join our team. Here are some of the replies:

“I’m enjoying working on interesting projects using modern technologies”

We work on a diverse range of projects across different sectors – building apps for mobile, web and desktop using modern .NET-based technology stacks. You could be building a mobile app for offshore workers, a web portal for golf club members or improving a time and billing system.

“There are lots of knowledgeable engineers to learn from”

“My colleagues are all supportive”

“Everyone is nice and happy to help each other”

“I really value the technical leadership”

We take a team approach to projects and encourage all staff to ask for, and offer, help, regardless of their level of experience. Because everyone involved in our projects is technical, we have strong technical leadership throughout Codify.

“Even as a junior software engineer, you’re building software, working with customers etc - you aren’t just given the simple tasks”

“There are no prima donna coders here!”

“The exposure I have received to the industry while working for Codify as a placement student has taught me so much and is relatable back to my university course”

Although you may think, as an industrial placement student or graduate, you’ll be tasked with more simple jobs, this isn’t the case. You’ll get the chance to work directly with customers and gain valuable hands-on experience of building software, with a down-to-earth and approachable team. It’s the perfect opportunity to put those years of hard work and study into practice!

“There is a relatively flexible working schedule, which allows for a more relaxed atmosphere as sometimes life happens”

Sometimes life does happen! We’ll adapt as much as possible when things crop up. We have our core hours where we ask employees to be available, but at the same time respect that flexibility is sometimes the name of the game.

This has become even more apparent due to the pandemic. For example, suddenly there are staff who are home-schooling. The team adapted really well and our usual high standard of work has continued — and we’ve maybe refreshed our memories about long division and adverbs at the same time!

“There is good communication from management about what is going on in the company”

We hold monthly team meetings when we all get together with a spread of snacks and drinks. These meetings help everyone keep up-to-date with what’s what. When the pandemic hit, communication became more important than ever and we’ve gone virtual with these important meetings. This has been a success, but we do look forward to holding them in-person again!

“There’s a good team spirit”

“We like to have a laugh together during work - and often afterwards too!”

“I’m part of a fantastic team which feels more like a bunch of friends rather than a group of people forced to work together”

On Fridays, we allocate the last half hour of the day for socialising. We use our basement breakout room stocked up with snacks and drinks, and enjoy good banter. This is a fun way to end the week and catch up with each other.

Since the pandemic, we have all made the effort to continue with this virtually, and it’s really popular. Codifiers have been joining in from home with their own refreshments and banter from afar!

This past year has been a very different one for us all; however, we’ve tried to keep up the same team spirit despite the restrictions. We reckon we’re a company where people want to work and feedback suggests we’re doing okay!

In 2021, we are looking hire at least six people. If Codify sounds like your kind of place, check out this page for all the details.

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