Petrofac - PetrofacGo

18 January 2021

As part of its ongoing digitalisation strategy, Petrofac wanted to streamline the process of mobilising workers to offshore locations by using a mobile app. The app was completed in December 2019 – less than 5 months after our initial meeting – and launched successfully in January 2020.

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Petrofac Training Services - Petrofac Training Booking System

21 August 2020

To make the overall process of managing and updating training courses easier and more efficient, we developed applications and an API that can be accessed 24/7 in real time. This benefits customers, delegates and this trusted training provider's in-house team.

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AIS R2S - Mosaic

15 May 2020

For over a decade we've worked with R2S to build their remote digital twin technology. Now on its fourth version and named R2S Mosaic, it has over 3,000 users and is in use by hundreds of organisations.

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Stork - eTimesheets & eBillings

17 January 2020

In the oil and gas industry, precise time recording is crucial. We devised and built custom software that simplified the timesheeting process, eliminating the potential for human error, while saving time and bringing about a host of other benefits for the business.

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Enermech - Ideal Operation

13 May 2019

We developed a system for EnerMech that reduced the time spent on offshore inspection, maintenance, analysis and reporting by around 40%. And that's just the start.

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Weston - Application Suite

25 January 2019

Weston helps its clients identify, plan and manage their legislative obligations. We helped them make that whole process easier.

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Prism Apps - Hurdle

18 September 2018

The oil and gas industry's long-term success depends on the cost-effective discovery, acquisition and development of new reserves. Not surprisingly, proactive risk management plays a huge part in these efforts.

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St Andrews Links Trust - Commercial Tee Times

8 June 2018

The Old Course is one of the most iconic golf courses in the world, so as you'd expect, there's fierce competition to book a round. Preserving that global reputation was one of the reasons the St Andrews Links Trust asked Codify to look into options to automate the booking process using customised software that controlled the cost, access and availability of tee times, both commercial and private.

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Headcount Tracking System

12 September 2017

Codify were approached by an oil and gas company to help them consolidate and enhance their existing headcount tracking process. They were using two separate applications for managing headcount; one for employees and one for contractors. As neither were fit for purpose any longer they wanted to replace them both with a single solution that would make maintaining their personnel details and organisational structure more efficient.

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Bond - Heliplan

4 February 2017

Bond Offshore Helicopters (Bond) provides energy support and search and rescue services to a range of companies in the offshore oil and gas industry. A key element of the business revolves around the safe and efficient scheduling of helicopter flights, ensuring legislation and recommendations for flight planning are adhered to at all times. Bond had an existing database, called HeliPlan, written in Microsoft Access which they had used for a number of years to plan their flights. Whilst it was originally adequate to their needs Bond identified a number of problems they were looking to address.

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ASCO - Who Am I

1 September 2016

ASCO are an international oilfield support services company providing logistics, waste management, skilled personnel, training and many other services to the oil and gas industry. ASCO identified a key business objective to drive better communication between people in the company. This was complicated by the numerous locations and range of diverse business units that ASCO operated, coupled with a large user base. The only common 'system' in place was Microsoft's Active Directory as part of the Windows Server platform. Everyone had a user account, but historically no other details such as location, job title, function, phone numbers etc. had been stored or maintained.

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Forum Energy Technologies - PROSPER

3 August 2016

Forum Energy Technologies are a global oilfield products company that service many sectors in the oil and gas industry, including subsea, drilling and production. Each business unit in Forum Energy Technologies (Forum) subsea division used to have their own way of tracking quotes, including using spreadsheets. Over the course of a year hundreds to thousands of quotes were generated per business unit, and this became steadily more difficult to manage in spreadsheets. Coupled with the variations of quotes per business unit and the challenge of monitoring and reporting across all businesses, Forum decided they required a more robust and centralised system.

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ASCO - Trakit

26 July 2016

ASCO are an international oilfield support services company providing logistics, waste management, skilled personnel, training and many other services to the oil and gas industry. ASCO approached Codify to take over the support and maintenance of one of their existing systems, Trakit (formerly known as MATSYS). Trakit, a crucial business system for ASCO, is used to manage container movements between client, ASCO and 3rd party locations. After a review of the application Codify proposed enhancing Trakit and then taking on support.

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Scotvalve Services Limited - MASCOT

27 January 2016

Scotvalve Services Limited, part of the Petrofac Group, provide testing and refurbishment services for a range of oil and gas related equipment. Previously, Scotvalve Services Limited, managed their operations, quality and documentation functions through various informal systems and Excel spreadsheets. Due to the volume of data held, these various solutions became unusable, time consuming to search, and several of the systems required upgrading.

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Entiér - RADICAL

26 January 2016

Entiér provide catering and support services both on and offshore. Their teams offer first-class catering, housekeeping and hospitality services as well as catering for private and corporate events. Entiér had a highly macro’d Excel spreadsheet in place at each of their assets. They were used globally to track the three core stock levels of their business; food, cleaning and offshore bond or retail.

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Cambla - SAT

15 December 2015

Cambla Limited provide project planning and scheduling services to companies in various sectors, including the subsea and oil & gas industry. Cambla use an Oracle based system to plan projects but were seeking a more visually interactive map application to work alongside it.

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McGregor Consultants - MAC

28 April 2015

McGregor Consultants are established providers in the provision of specialist recruitment services for the oil and gas industry. They had used an off the shelf system, Voyager, to manage their personnel and recruitment. Although it provided them with the basics the inability to tailor the product to their business needs meant that it couldn't develop with their processes.

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Stork - iBolt

14 March 2014

Stork are a leading global provider of knowledge based asset integrity services for the Oil & Gas, Power and Chemical sectors. As part of their services they offer on-site machining and bolting. Stork approached Codify to replace an existing Access database that was used to manage joints. The application had become cumbersome and difficult to use and so Stork wished to replace it with a new, fast and stable application which needed to be user friendly and intuitive.

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Carnoustie Golf Links - LinksCC

17 February 2014

Carnoustie Golf Links is a public links situated in Angus on the east coast of Scotland. The Carnoustie Links consists of three courses, which are highly rated in the UK and around the world. Carnoustie Golf Links used an existing system, called LinksCC, which was developed specifically for them to manage certain aspects of the business. The company that originally developed the system, and provided their support & maintenance, had unfortunately gone out of business. For this reason they were looking for someone who could provide ongoing support for the system.

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Redwave - Recruitment System

13 January 2014

Redwave previously used Microsoft's Dynamics NAV as their accounting software which was heavily customised to support their front office requirements. As a result of a general evolution of their services and a change in key staff members, Redwave had identified that Dynamics NAV was no longer suitable for their needs. We delivered a system based on our template, T1, which includes recruitment modules. This template was used as a starting point for the software Redwave required.

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Stork - Continual Improvement

14 November 2013

Stork Technical Services (Stork) are a leading global provider of knowledge based asset integrity services for the Oil & Gas, Power and Chemical sectors. Stork's HSE department had an existing Excel spreadsheet which included a number of Visual Basic (VB) macros which Stork used to log, monitor and report on their continuous improvement (CI) forms. The spreadsheet was difficult to access, as only one person could open it at a time, cumbersome to use and prone to errors.

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Swagelok Scotland Teesside Ireland - STARS

22 October 2013

Swagelok Scotland Teesside Ireland are authorised Swagelok sales and service centres providing fluid system solutions, including products, assemblies, and services for a number of industries, including oil and gas, petrochemical and semiconductor. Their application STARS allows Swagelok Scotland Teesside Ireland to manage their internal and external training including scheduling, creation of certificates and reporting.

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Bond - Training Management System

22 November 2012

Bond Offshore Helicopters provide energy support and rescue services to a range of companies in the offshore oil and gas industry. Bond had an existing database application written in Microsoft Access that held key information on their pilots and the training they had undertaken. Although previously adequate for their needs the existing application had become obsolete meaning it was difficult to support and make changes.

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Eikos Software Systems - Eikos

17 February 2012

Eikos Software Systems Limited provides advanced web-based business process management for the upstream oil and gas industry, with a particular focus on drilling project management.

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ASCO - Kinesys

10 January 2012

ASCO is a leading logistics company for the oil and gas industry with operations throughout the world. They offer a number of services including offshore and onshore logistics, international freight management, waste management, personnel and marine service.

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Moody International - Evolution

10 January 2012

Moody International is a technical services company, formed in 1911, with offices in over 60 countries. The technical services supplied include supplier inspection, expediting and auditing.

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7 September 2011

AGR Consultancy Services is a division of AGR and is a global provider of recruitment and consultancy solutions to the upstream oil and gas Industry. They have offices in Aberdeen, Stavanger, Dubai and Perth (Australia) with associated offices in numerous locations worldwide.

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1 September 2011

R2S is a powerful asset integrity and management solution. Using unique technology, the software produces high quality 360˚ spherical images which create a walk-through environment for the user. This allows a quick assessment of an area or equipment. The approach is currently used by the oil and gas industry, maritime and commercial sectors.

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Aquaterra - Gemini

1 September 2011

AquaTerra Group Ltd is a leading global provider of specialist services for projects involving work-at-height and complex access, offering training, equipment and personnel to the oil and gas industry. Before speaking to Codify, Aquaterra were a largely paper-based company. Raising a single job would require them to manually generate four pieces of paper.

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AGR - P1

30 August 2011

AGR Solution Systems had developed a successful software application called P1™ which is used to analyse and manage the risks/opportunities encountered during the construction of wells. Codify were invited to take over the development of P1™ and have since completed a technical re-write, redeveloped the engine behind the software and added a number of new features including a new Monte-Carlo engine that increased the simulation speeds 100 fold.

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