AGR Consultancy Solutions is a division of AGR and a global provider of recruitment and consultancy solutions to the upstream oil and gas industry. They have offices in Aberdeen, Stavanger, Dubai and Perth (Australia) with associated offices in numerous locations worldwide.


AGR had an existing database system to manage their recruitment and consultancy service. Due to the growth of their department, AGR were looking for a replacement that would meet their global requirements whilst making a number of enhancements to meet their evolving needs.

Before choosing a solution, AGR reviewed a number of off-the-shelf packages. However, none of these solutions could meet their requirements without further customisation which would have increased costs.

Donna Taylor, Consultancy Manager, explains:

“We decided against an off-the-shelf product as they are not designed by people in the oil and gas industry, so how can they really understand what we need and why? We approached Codify to re-write the system using modern technologies and also add the required enhancements.”


We worked closely with the Consultancy Solutions team to listen to their requirements to develop a bespoke solution. The solution provided holds the data in a single database and any documents are indexed with Index Server; this gives AGR the benefit of full text search which is vital when searching through CVs for the ideal candidate. The software has one click deployment which ensures fast and simple roll out to users around the globe. AGRCS also includes ad-hoc reporting so users can pull the information they need as and when required.


The new AGRCS has brought AGR the following benefits:

  • Streamlined working, giving customers a faster response and a more comprehensive service
  • 100% buy-in from users following their involvement in gathering the requirements for the system and ease of use
  • Training is more intuitive due to the structure of the database

It has brought further benefits to AGR’s management - one central system allows them to review what is happening in other locations whilst the extensive reporting facilities allow management to create the reports they require to gain a complete picture over all areas in the division.

Donna added:

“Codify listened to our requirements and how we needed the software to work, and then built the software to match. We now have a system that exactly meets our needs and has the ability to evolve as the industry does. Without it we can’t do our job.

“The personal touch Codify provided was a real contribution to the success of the project. We had regular meetings where we would get a demonstration of the software so far and were encouraged to give feedback early on. It really allowed us to see the solution we were getting and visualise the way it would fit in to Consultancy Solutions.”

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