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AGR Solution Systems (AGR SS) is a division of the AGR Group and a leading provider of services and technologies to the oil & gas industry.


AGR SS had developed a successful software application, called P1™, used by engineers to analyse and manage the risks and opportunities for the construction of wells. Due to this success AGR SS decided it was worthy of a major upgrade. But when this activity was outsourced to an overseas company, they became increasingly unhappy with the quality of work and costs involved.


AGR SS decided to look closer to home for a company to take over P1™’s future development. We were initially approached to carry out a technical appraisal of the system. Following the success of this, we jumped at the chance to take over its development.

Since then, we have carried out:

  • Performance improvements for P1 version 3
  • A technical re-write for P1 version 4
  • New features - including a new Monte-Carlo engine, increasing simulation speeds 100 fold
  • Microsoft Windows 7 certification
  • A licensing system enabling tailored versions


Petter Mathisen, VP of AGR SS, commented:

“P1™ is used by over 30 oil and gas companies worldwide and also internally by AGR SS, so this was a valuable project that we awarded to Codify. The re-write has resulted in a more stable system that is fast, self-contained and can be used on different platforms.

“Four of the top oil and gas companies in the world already use it throughout their planning process. One of our clients has improved budgetary costing and delivered the well construction portfolio to within 2.5% of plan using P1™.

“The software is solid, engineers like using it and it is becoming a standard tool in the workplace, and I’m pleased to say that Codify has played a vital part in achieving that.”

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