R2S is a powerful asset integrity and management solution. Using unique technology, the software produces high quality 360˚ spherical images which create a walk-through environment for the user. This allows a quick assessment of an area or equipment. The approach is currently used by the oil and gas industry, maritime and commercial sectors.


R2S had been used within the forensic sector for approximately five years when the firm made the decision to expand into the oil and gas sector, prompting a need to enhance the software.

In addition to entering a new sector, version 1.3 could only be used with one particular type of camera which was restrictive as it tied them to one camera vendor. The upgrade would also allow for additional cameras to be used allowing R2S more flexibility.

The size and complexity of the project made it difficult for R2S to complete using solely in-house resources and so they looked at potential outside support and were referred to Codify by an existing client.


We supported R2S by stabilising the software, creating a desirable product in v2.1. This has allowed R2S to make the all-important step into the oil and gas industry - a natural decision as the software can document entire offshore installations prior to refurbishment. This allows engineers to examine a site remotely, saving a great deal of time and money.


The upgrade brought the security and confidence R2S needed to build what their customers wanted and then progress the product. It has also enabled the firm to expand internationally with all of the limitations from the previous version now removed.

Benefits to R2S include:

  • Increased stability
  • Faster processing and user experience
  • Increased functionality, offering added value to clients
  • More aesthetically pleasing

Mike Comerford, Operations Director, commented:

“Meeting Codify was a breath of fresh air. You need luck in business and meeting Codify and their competent team was certainly a major stroke of luck as far as R2S was concerned.”

Mike continues,

“Their people were a big factor in us achieving increased capabilities - whatever we needed Codify had a realistic can-do attitude. Codify has offered additional advice and assistance rather than just building what was dictated.

“We believe it would have cost us two to three times more to employ the right mix of people in-house if we hadn’t met Codify.”

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