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Eikos Software Systems Limited (ESS) provides advanced web-based business process management for the upstream oil and gas industry, with a particular focus on drilling project management.


Business processes in the upstream oil and gas industry are complex, regulated and subjected to internal and external scrutiny. A new web-based product was required that could offer powerful content management functionality, detailed project tracking and extensive reporting.

To address this, ESS was looking for a specialist software company. We were selected as we were able to help define the specification of the new product, build it efficiently and support the product for multiple international clients.


Eikos is a multi-user, web based application based on an SAAS (software as a service) licensing model. Eikos is designed to:

  • Be a sophisticated tool, capable of handling multiple processes
  • Provide a visual interface, allowing users to easily gain an understanding of a project’s status
  • Be simple to install and is browser based
  • Operate from anywhere, integrating corporate and local requirements
  • Generate project management reports including Gantt and RACI, plus full project reports


John McIntosh, ESS’s Operations Director, believes Eikos has provided numerous benefits:

“Any user, at any location, at any time, can easily gain an understanding of the process they are expected to follow.

“In reality, requirements may change as a project progresses; Eikos supports continuous process improvement by distributing incremental changes through live projects while preserving intact the records of completed tasks.

John added:

“The quality of the software has meant that we have been able to scale our services to an increasing number of customers and Codify has really helped us to implement and develop what has proved to be an effective product. We have extensive additional development requirements and look forward to implementing regular upgrades to maintain our best-in-class product.

“Codify’s development record is excellent and their support service is second to none. In fact we have just renewed our support contract for another three years.”

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