Moody International - Evolution

Moody International is a technical services company, formed in 1911, with offices in over 60 countries. The technical services supplied include supplier inspection, expediting and auditing.


Moody International identified a need for a group-wide, end-to-end system to meet their business needs. They undertook a study into various off-the-shelf packages and quickly realised that because their business is so diverse it would be impossible to source one product that would suit the entire company.

They opted to split their requirements and look for two systems - one for Management System Certification and another for Technical Inspection Services. As a result of their diversity, it was more cost effective to start from scratch and build their own system rather than customising an off-the-shelf package.


Codify created a bespoke solution called Evolution which is now used by over 650 people in more than 40 countries. It works by:

  • Managing all elements of Moody’s International’s Technical Inspection and Technical Staffing process including contracts, personnel, purchase orders, invoices, assignments and visits
  • Supporting their full operational process, from the initial contract through to invoicing
  • As soon as information is added in one country, relevant users in another location can pick that up and progress with the work as soon as possible


Evolution has brought three key benefits to the company:

  • Visibility of data - before, they only had spreadsheets and paper trails with no real ability to get an overall picture of what was happening. The reports now allow them to get the information they need when required, quantifying the information in the system.
  • One central system used throughout all divisions worldwide forced Moody International to take a good look at their processes and to work out exactly what they wanted to do and why. This allowed the standardisation of processes throughout the organisation, removing existing problems.
  • As they own the intellectual property of Evolution, they can roll the software out to as many users as they want with no additional licence costs - with over 650 users, this has saved time and money over any of the alternative off-the-shelf systems.

Mark Peacock, Group CIO, said:

“During the initial stages of the project, we worked closely with Codify to generate a vision and ideas. We would make suggestions and Codify would take them on board whilst also drawing on their past experiences to help us specify exactly what we were looking for.

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