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Stork are a leading global provider of knowledge based asset integrity services for the Oil & Gas, Power and Chemical sectors. As part of their services they offer on-site machining and bolting.


Stork had an existing joint management system written in Microsoft Access that was designed to advise on the correct servicing requirements of joints and to manage the maintenance and prevention of leaks.

Over time the Access database became cumbersome to use and difficult to update and maintain. As a result a number of projects were being managed using Microsoft Excel which in turn brought its own difficulties.

Stork approached Codify to rewrite the application in Microsoft .NET to provide them with a fast, stable application with a user friendly and intuitive user interface. In addition it was key the application could be added to as the range of Storks services evolved.


Stork’s joint management application, iBolt, is a multi-user application which includes the following features:

  • Central application means all jobs can be managed in one place and information easily shared
  • Jobs can be taken offline so they can be worked on without an internet connection
  • Reports can be generated quickly and easily including the joint register
  • The history and maintenance of a joint can be tracked and joints moved between jobs
  • Associated certificates and images can be uploaded to a project or specific joint
  • Drawings can be uploaded and joints positioned on a drawing along with annotations


The application has continued to evolve over the years and now includes Hot Bolt Clamping a new service offered by Stork.

Jamie Clubb, Operations Engineer said

‘iBolt is a great, easy to use tool that has saved Stork time and money. The software keeps all joint information in one place, allows multiple-users to access it at once and allows us to create the joint register quickly and easily.’

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