Redwave - Recruitment System

Redwave (formerly Inter-services) is an established recruitment company for the oil, gas and energy sector based in Aberdeen, providing recruitment support for offshore vacancies in drilling, production and onboard vessels.


Redwave previously used Microsoft’s Dynamics NAV as their accounting software which was heavily customised to support their front office requirements. As a result of a general evolution of their services and a change in key staff members, Redwave had identified that Dynamics NAV was no longer suitable for their needs. Recruitment software had greatly improved since Redwave started using Dynamics NAV in 2005 and it could no longer compete. The old system couldn’t store CVs electronically, or send email/SMS messages to candidates. This meant it was extremely difficult to quickly find the candidates they were looking for and keep up with the competition.

A number of alternative ‘off-the-shelf’ options were considered, however, none of them included everything they needed in the new system. The systems Redwave reviewed either covered front office requirements i.e. candidate search, CV storage etc. or back office requirements like payroll and invoicing but they couldn’t find software that did both.


We delivered a system based on our template, T1, which includes recruitment modules. This template was used as a starting point for the software Redwave required. Using T1 allowed Redwave to benefit from pre-developed features that were then further developed to create the system they needed. Whilst T1 is not a product that can be used ‘off-the-shelf’, it does offer considerable time and cost savings compared with building everything from scratch.

A period of analysis allowed us to determine the key features that Redwave required. The new system was then developed and integrates with Sage 50 Accounts to provide Redwave with the same functionality contained within Dynamics NAV, along with several important new features:

  • Enhanced time and expense data input
  • Scanned document support
  • CV parsing (auto-extract of data from a CV)
  • Store and generate Redwave’s standard CV
  • Advanced availability tracking
  • Advanced searching
  • Competency tracking
  • Rapid sending of emails and text messages


The application has brought Redwave a number of benefits as their Director, Jacqueline van den Akker, explains:

“Contacting potential candidates for a new vacancy used to take us 3-4 hours but can now be done in less than 15 minutes. We can send mass emails or texts informing candidates of job vacancies related to them. This has allowed us to achieve faster response times which sometimes means the difference between winning and losing a job or client.”

Jacqueline continues,

“We can also track information better. Knowing who we’ve spoken to and when allows us to conduct performance reviews. Expenses are linked to a mobilisation so I can quickly see what a particular trip has cost us versus the income it has generated. It is a great cost control method.”

“The best thing about the system Codify developed is the speed in which we can get information to our clients and candidates. Now we can keep up with our competitors. We’re really happy with the system and are delighted with how flexible it is.”

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