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Cambla Limited provide project planning and scheduling services to companies in various sectors, including the subsea and oil & gas industry.


Cambla use an Oracle based system to plan projects but were seeking a more visually interactive map application to work alongside it. They had tried various existing animation and mapping tools, such as Google Earth, but weren’t able to achieve the level of detail they required nor create a system robust enough for their needs. In addition, these solutions were slow, time consuming to establish and the license costs were high.


Cambla approached Codify to develop a web based, multi-user schedule animation tool which would allow them to demonstrate project milestones and vessel activities to their clients. The system was developed with a timeline and map animation, created in part with open source software, which allows users to view the project’s progress and vessel location. Cambla can upload a client’s projects to the system and the client is able to see the progress of their vessels based on their projects. In addition users can:

  • Be warned of potential collisions between vessels
  • View the activity details and location for each vessel
  • Filter the timeline for the project schedule


The new system has brought Cambla and their clients a number of benefits as Alexander MacLeod, Project Services Manager, explains: “We needed to find an easier, less time consuming and repeatable way to review a project’s planned activities. This can now be performed faster and as a result of the time saved, more analysis can be performed on the output. There is now a visual animation of the schedule that did not exist before, which helps the project team to reach a consensus on the plan.

“The use of open source software for part of the development also made the project more cost effective and reduced the time to produce the application.”

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