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Entiér provide catering and support services both on and offshore. Their teams offer first-class catering, housekeeping and hospitality services as well as catering for private and corporate events.


Entiér had a highly macro’d Excel spreadsheet in place at each of their assets. They were used globally to track the three core stock levels of their business; food, cleaning and offshore bond or retail.

Although adequate, the spreadsheets had a number of shortcomings that Entiér wanted to overcome. In particular, the lack of a central repository for all stock data and no traceability for the data changed in the spreadsheets. As a means to improve their processes Entiér contacted Codify to build a system.


In order to provide a suitable solution for Entiér Codify spent time with the key stakeholders to establish the requirements. After an envisioning period and providing mock-ups, RADICAL was built to allow users to:

  • Order new stock and products from suppliers
  • Record the consumption of stock and perform stock takes
  • Report on usage and spending
  • Keep track of personnel on board assets


The development of RADICAL has brought a number of benefits to Entiér, namely:

  • Consolidation of the data to a single location has reduced the administrative burden
  • The ability to automate processes means that data does not need to be copied and pasted each month
  • Increased visibility of the current stock, cash and personnel on board assets
  • Real time reporting

Scott Campbell, Finance Director, comments:

“Radical has significantly enhanced the availability of data and information within our business. As we grow larger and enhance our global presence the significance and effect the system has on our business will continue to grow.”

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