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ASCO are an international oilfield support services company providing logistics, waste management, skilled personnel, training and many other services to the oil and gas industry.


ASCO approached Codify to take over the support and maintenance of one of their existing systems, Trakit (formerly known as MATSYS). Trakit, a crucial business system for ASCO, is used to manage container movements between client, ASCO and 3rd party locations. After a review of the application Codify proposed enhancing Trakit and then taking on support.


Codify first conducted a review of the source code for the application to highlight areas which could be modernised or improved. A plan was put in place following consultation with key ASCO personnel to:

  • Make simplifications where possible
  • Improve poorly performing areas
  • Add new features

The main functionality of the application, the movement of containers, was already well established but ASCO were unable to report on the data successfully and as such weren’t using Trakit.

Since going live, Trakit has gone through several phases of development to enhance it with new functionality. It now allows for more extensive reporting, invoice generation and more efficient methods of handling the container movements.


MATSYS was no longer upgradable so maintenance and reliability had become an issue. Trakit has been rewritten in modern technology, with improved performance and better maintainability.

The reports available in Trakit allow ASCO to provide more information to their clients, giving them greater visibility of what they are paying for, and highlighting any potential areas for savings and efficiencies.

Stephen Mundie, CCU Operations Manager, comments:

“Completing Trakit has brought us numerous benefits over MATSYS. In particular, our month end process used to be both intensive and time consuming due to the volume of data to collate and send to our finance team for processing. Trakit now creates the invoice reports with greater accuracy, and far quicker than the spreadsheets we used to use.

“The search facilities have also made finding information within the system much quicker and easier and they are displayed clearly in a logical sequence.

“Combining our NNS container fleet into one system has improved visibility of the ASCO container fleet allowing better utilisation of containers across different areas of the business.”

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