Headcount Tracking System

Our client, a large oil and gas company were looking to improve their headcount tracking process with a custom software application.


Codify were approached by an oil and gas company to help them consolidate and enhance their existing headcount tracking process. They were using two separate applications for managing headcount; one for employees and one for contractors. As neither were fit for purpose any longer they wanted to replace them both with a single solution that would make maintaining their personnel details and organisational structure more efficient.


Codify were provided with a functional specification, and worked closely with the company’s business analyst, tester and project manager to create the application within the required timeframe. The web based headcount tracking system has a number of key features:

  • Management of roles, functions and organisational hierarchy
  • Management of employee and contractor data together with role assignment
  • Configuration of system constants, such as grades, salary bands, holiday allowances and pension auto enrolment thresholds
  • A customisable help system


The new system has brought the company of a number of benefits:

  • Standardisation of common data, such as locations, agencies and departments
  • Additional fields for maintaining more accurate records for employees and contractors
  • Numerous analysis and reporting options give management quick access to key details such as vacant roles, organisational charts and onshore and offshore headcounts
  • Integration with Active Directory to reduce duplication of personnel data

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