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Bond Offshore Helicopters (Bond) provides energy support and search and rescue services to a range of companies in the offshore oil and gas industry. A key element of the business revolves around the safe and efficient scheduling of helicopter flights, ensuring legislation and recommendations for flight planning are adhered to at all times. This involves planning the load, including consideration for alternative destinations and the fuel consumption for each journey.


Bond had an existing database, called HeliPlan, written in Microsoft Access which they had used for a number of years to plan their flights. Whilst it was originally adequate to their needs Bond identified a number of problems they were looking to address. The system was developed internally by an ex-member of staff which meant they had limited capabilities to update and improve the system. In addition they had no technical support if something did go wrong. Looking to mitigate this risk Bond approached Codify to review and redevelop the system in a modern and supportable technology.


Codify reviewed the existing system and worked with Bond to identify the key functionality and necessary areas for improvement. Based on this initial analysis we redeveloped the system in a modern Microsoft platform, creating a multi-user, web based application. This solution meant it was possible to integrate the HeliPlan system with their existing Training Management System and other external sources. It also gave Bond the reassurance that they now have a robust and supportable system, backed by our dedicated support team.


The new system brought about a number of benefits including:

  • Improved accuracy for night time flights
  • Multiple user access
  • Ability to flag important certificate alerts from the Training Management System
  • Ability to plan for future development & make changes where necessary
  • Access to a reliable support team

Captain Rob Dyas, Director of Operations at Bond explains:

“We had already established a good relationship with Codify through the development of our Training Management system. The success of this project gave us confidence with Codify as a provider, this relationship meant we knew they could deliver the tailored system we needed.”

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