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Seeing the full picture - changing the face of offshore maintenance

Safe and efficient operations. In simple terms, that’s what spells success in the oil and gas sector, and of course in all other heavy industries. And helping customers achieve that is an area where Aberdeen-headquartered mechanical and electrical services specialist EnerMech stands out.


The company supports its national and international clients right across the life of an asset from the early project phase and pre-commissioning, to operations and maintenance, shutdown support, late life support and decommissioning.

Inspection and maintenance is just one of these services. EnerMech works with its customers to carry out this work, which also includes anticipating and diagnosing issues likely to crop up so equipment repairs or replacements can be dealt with quickly to minimise costly, unscheduled downtime.

And that’s where Codify lent a hand.

EnerMech asked us to develop an application to replace its existing process for logging and analysing data from offshore equipment inspections. This app replaced the time-consuming paperwork and spreadsheet-based approach.


Starting in May 2018, we created a universal Windows platform application called Ideal Operation.

Initially used for crane inspections in hazardous areas, but capable of being used for any equipment, the offshore team updates information in the mobile app. They can also upload photographs to support their findings.

Then, when they’re back online, the information is relayed back to the portal for analysis by the onshore teams. Data is then stored in a database, which we also built.

Working closely with EnerMech and taking an iterative approach with a prototype app launched first, Ideal Operation was written in Xamarin Forms 3.1. This means much of the code can be re-used across different platforms such as Android and iOS in the future, optimised with minor user interface changes.

And the app is hosted on Azure so it’s scalable meaning the system easily adapts to manage increased - or decreased - demand, and the client only pays for what they use. Other advantages include 99.9% guaranteed uptime and automatic data back-ups as well as built-in data recovery.

Ideal Operation has three main features: regular maintenance regimes - allowing inspection teams to work through a list of equipment or components to check and record relevant data points and conditions; the facility for inspectors who find a problem to simply report it; and the onshore team can assign actions to personnel offshore.

Benefits include -

  • A reduction of over 95% in paper use
  • A decrease of around 40% in the total time for inspection, reporting and analysis, thanks in part to the dropdowns and pre-populated data helping increase speed, consistency and accuracy
  • Near real-time access to field data, accelerating communications on data and analysis between on and offshore teams by more than 10 days
  • Improved reporting, data analytics and reduced duplication

John Clark, technology manager at EnerMech said:

“The work that Codify has done forms a core part of our new service offering to asset operators globally helping them to improve their plant efficiency, and we are excited to see what further benefits this will bring.

“Although we are still in the trial period of our project, the app has already improved the speed of our maintenance routines, increased the visibility of faults found in the field and allowed us to diagnose issues in the making by supporting our advances into data science and giving us new insights.

“This has allowed EnerMech to analyse and trend data and proactively act to prevent unplanned failures of our clients’ critical plant.”

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