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ASCO is a leading logistics company for the oil and gas industry with operations throughout the world. They offer a number of services including offshore and onshore logistics, international freight management, waste management, personnel and marine service.


ASCO required a new manifesting application for supply voyages to rigs in the North Sea. The software had to be:

  • Intuitive to use, requiring minimal training
  • Visually appealing
  • Able to work with different languages
  • Support the entire manifesting process from the warehouse to the platform and back again
  • Capable of working through satellite communications to enable offshore materials coordinators to access the application.


As the software was to be accessed on and offshore, Codify had to develop a solution that would work well over high latency, low bandwidth communications whilst still delivering a rich user interface. Codify chose to use Microsoft Silverlight for this project as it would allow Kinesys to meet all these requirements and give users the same experience no matter where it is accessed from.

Codify assigned a business analyst and graphic designer to work closely with ASCO to design the user interface whilst the software developer designed a tiered architecture to minimise ‘chatter’ for working successfully offshore.

Six months from project acceptance Codify delivered the project. Doug More, IT Director, explains:

“The resulting software has really grabbed the imagination of our staff which is quite unusual for an IT system. The user adoption rate is extremely high and we have found minimal training is required when we add new users to the system.”

The first module of Kinesys is complete and in use with another module in progress, with more planned for the future. Kinesys also allowed Codify to reach the top three of the Web Development Partner of the Year category at the Microsoft World Partner conference in 2010, again proving its viability and worth in the workplace.


Introducing Kinesys has brought ASCO the following benefits:

  • Kinesys provides a competitive advantage - a clear differentiator, it shows ASCO is investing in efficient modern technology that will give them and their clients further benefits in the future
  • Customers who use Kinesys have said it is one of the many reasons they will stay with ASCO who are in the process of taking the system to other clients
  • Further modules can be added as and when required, providing the flexibility to evolve along with the company.

ASCO chose Codify as they felt they shared the same vision for Kinesys from the outset of the project. Doug More added:

“From Codify’s proposal we felt they really understood our needs much better than the others did. The pre-bid material was outstanding and showed they really knew what we were looking for. This, along with a competitive price, led us to choose Codify as the company to build Kinesys.

“Codify delivered on time and on budget and hit all the milestones we set. This has allowed us to quickly and smoothly integrate the system into ASCO and reap the benefits that Kinesys brings us.”

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