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ASCO are an international oilfield support services company providing logistics, waste management, skilled personnel, training and many other services to the oil and gas industry.


ASCO identified a key business objective to drive better communication between people in the company. This was complicated by the numerous locations and range of diverse business units that ASCO operated, coupled with a large user base. The only common ‘system’ in place was Microsoft’s Active Directory as part of the Windows Server platform. Everyone had a user account, but historically no other details such as location, job title, function, phone numbers etc. had been stored or maintained.

ASCO wanted to create a web based application which would allow their personnel to update and maintain important information such as job title, function, contact numbers, line manager etc.


ASCO approached Codify to develop a new contact information system, Who Am I. After consultation with key stakeholders a scope of work was created covering the core requirements.

The application integrates with ASCO’s AD to facilitate other applications within the business, such as Outlook. AD is an excellent tool for storing personnel details, so the majority of data is held within it. Common details such as locations, companies and countries are added as lookups in a separate database. Personnel are able to request new values for lookups, if they don’t already exist, and they are validated by administrators before acceptance.

When new personnel are added to AD, administrators use a specially designed validation screen to ensure all of their data has a valid value.


The development of Who Am I has provided ASCO with a number of benefits:

  • Personnel can modify their own details reducing the administrative burden
  • Better visibility of personnel contact details has helped to streamline communication
  • Data validation processes help to eliminate invalid data
  • A number of reports help administrators to keep track of missing details, inactive accounts and account changes

Jim Titmuss Group IT&S Director for ASCO Group stated:

“Who Am I has been a great success and we have seen significant improvement in the level of contact between our people. It has also allowed a very successful deployment of Microsoft Skype for Business to be deployed globally. Codify have produced a high quality product which is easy to use and has been well adopted by the company.”

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