Bond - Training Management System

Bond Offshore Helicopters provide energy support and search and rescue services to a range of companies in the offshore oil and gas industry.


Bond had an existing database application written in Microsoft Access that held key information on their pilots and the training they had undertaken.

Although previously adequate for their needs the existing application had become obsolete meaning it was difficult to support and make changes. In addition, the application had become very slow and accessing information had become frustrating and inefficient for users. For these reasons Bond decided the time was right to replace the application.


Codify developed a new web-based application that included enhancements and additional functionality compared to the previous system. This provided Bond with a system that met their new requirements and legislation.

Bond asked for the user interface to be similar to that of the existing application as users were happy and familiar with its layout. This resulted in minimal training as users easily transitioned from one to another.

The replacement application is web based which means, unlike the old Access application, Bond does not have to install it onto each individual PC and it can be accessed remotely.


The new Training Management System has brought Bond a number of benefits including:

  • Fast and reliable application
  • Changes can be made quickly and easily
  • Simple training checks and management
  • Minimal training with excellent user adoption
  • Workflow and calculated fields has automated processes and reduced administration
  • It integrates with other applications such as HeliPlan used for planning flights

Captain Steve Godfrey, Head of Training at Bond, explains,

“The rewrite of the Training Management System has been a great success. We can now add new features and modifications when required and the performance of the system is excellent. The support team at Codify are fantastic and always keep us up to date and informed.”

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