Scotvalve Services Limited - MASCOT

Scotvalve Services Limited, part of the Petrofac Group, provide testing and refurbishment services for a range of oil and gas related equipment.


Previously, Scotvalve Services Limited (Scotvalves), managed their operations, quality and documentation functions through various informal systems and Excel spreadsheets. Due to the volume of data held, these various solutions became unusable, time consuming to search, and several of the systems required upgrading.


Scotvalves engaged with Codify to develop a maintainable and efficient application which could expand with their business. Since the initial development of MASCOT, a number of enhancements to its features have been introduced and new areas of the business incorporated. MASCOT is a desktop application with several core functions:

  • Streamlining the management and planning of jobs
  • Maintaining a list of customer and contact details
  • Running key reports on performance, work in progress, and production forecasting


Scotvalves have benefitted greatly from MASCOT as Chris Chambers, Director of Oilfield Services, explains.

“MASCOT has provided us with a professional platform from which to track every item as it passes through our workshops whilst maintaining accurate tracking data and an operational history.

The numerous financial and operational reports that we can now run from the system gives us an insight into our operational and financial performance, offering a transparency to a level of detail that previously would not have been possible. This data has proven invaluable to the management team here as the business continues to grow and flourish in new headquarters.

We had a good understanding of the type of application and scope of application that would be required, however Codify were the only developer that we felt fully understood our requirements and created something that far surpassed the initial scope. We have worked together efficiently and professionally to continue to update, improve and enhance MASCOT.

The aftermarket repair and refurbishment market is notoriously difficult to plan and schedule in a structured way, however, this custom built solution is the closest thing we have ever seen or experienced to a complete solution. Instead of just buying an application package off the shelf, where the company would have had to adapt and change its operating procedures and protocols to suit, we have been able to create something which is scalable, relevant and appropriate for our business. We look forward to developing the system further with Codify over the next few years.”

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