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Forum Energy Technologies are a global oilfield products company that service many sectors in the oil and gas industry, including subsea, drilling and production.


Each business unit in Forum Energy Technologies (Forum) subsea division used to have their own way of tracking quotes, including using spreadsheets. Over the course of a year hundreds to thousands of quotes were generated per business unit, and this became steadily more difficult to manage in spreadsheets. Coupled with the variations of quotes per business unit and the challenge of monitoring and reporting across all businesses, Forum decided they required a more robust and centralised system.


Having engaged with Codify, a solution was established that would meet their needs on a global scale. The new application, Prosper, is a web-based application which allows users to manage opportunities from a prospect through to an order.

The other modules within the application provide management for companies and contacts. Several pre-canned reports have also been added to further streamline and standardise the process.

The home page acts as a “to do” list for users, outlining incomplete actions such as preparing a quote for an opportunity, and unread news items.


Prosper has been in use for a number of years and is deemed an essential tool by the majority of Forum’s subsea division for tracking quotes.

Mike Scott, Subsea Commercial Manager, comments:

“Prosper is easy to use and navigate compared to other CRM systems. It has simple search and filter functions and it is easy to output the data to spreadsheets for additional analysis.”

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